Public Utilities

Major Utility Valley Substation Annex


14,733 SF
9,827 SF Exterior Canopies
LEED Silver


Major Utility in So. Calif.

Major Utility in So. Calif. Substation Maintenance Building is a single-story, prefabricated metal building. The project consisted of approximately 14,733 SF of floor area and 9,827 SF of exterior canopies for fleet vehicles.
The project scope anticipated relocating TDBU Maintenance & Testing from their twenty-year-old storage/office building and trailer into permanent facilities. A Relay Test Office and dedicated Relay Testing Lab were identified in the program and required capacity for four crews (8 FTEs) and one manager. The program for the Maintenance Group provides for office & support space to house thirteen workstations, a dedicated Map & File Room, Tool Storage Room, Maintenance Workshop and Warehouse space large enough to consolidate seven existing shipping containers located on-site. The project has achieved LEED Silver Certification through the USGBC.